Wednesday, September 08, 2004

random emails

So, I did this editing (more like infuriating) project for an American business magazine that got a lot of press abroad, simply because the magazine dubbed it something like "WE outsourced" or words to that effect. And given that millions of Americans (and Indians, but for a different reason) wake up each morning, key in "outsourced....outsourcing," whatever, and vent, either by posting on some rabid, racist anti-outsourcing blog, or on a 'woe are we, but we are good so why do Americans hate us" blog , it was no surprise that my little, infuriating project got a lot of attention. (Did I mention, infuriating? Well I won't go into it 'cause I've signed all these confidentiality agreements.)

<> But the kind of mail "I" got after this magazine project was truly entertaining. One guy from a state governed by a guy whose name rhymes with ALOO, wrote me saying he is developing anti-spam software and in an "..exercise that would involve Amazon, eBay, Sify, WalMart etc..." he wants me to " us in this challenging exercise as someone who would formulate the strategies, negotiate with the big giants and ultimately keep an eye on the developments/growth?"

Another dude from Punjabi India wrote me twice saying that he was "..touched by your brilliance." Also, unfortunately, my web site has an old, old resume on it, on which, in the 'Personal' column I had written, among other things, "working on first novel." I have long aborted that "first" novel. But dude from Punjabi India, who has clearly scoured my site, said, "BTW, what novel are u writing? Is it a recollection of your US life and times?. What I have found and observed is novel is different cup of tea-it requires the hard imprint of experience in the subconscious-the dilemmas, crisis, love, heart-braeks (sic), anxieties, even the fleeting moments of sex to sustain that fictional mind. (hell, all of it is sic)" HUH? Then he proceeds to say "Take care and, if time permits, scribble a few lines to me (so that I can enjoy the brilliance of your language), as conveyed by your poetic eyes (photo in the web)." I did tell Jason to put the picture of a monkey on my web site, but did he listen? NO.

<>Today some desi guy from Wash. D.C wrote me (about an article I wrote for The Chronicle of Higher Education) Tch Tching me for calling the RSS--I mean the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh not Really Simple Syndication -- "a Hindu supremacist group." He acknowledges that the RSS is "Hindu fundamentalist" and then adds, "..This (calling it supremacist) would give the impression of the RSS and allied parties being more right -wing than they actually are, which would be a disservice to journalism. So I'd request you to kindly refrain from using the term." More right wing than they actually are? Without going into the semantics of it, COME ON! <>

The Internet is great, don't get me wrong. But can I please NOT hear from these folks? Now am off to switch photos. Ta.

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