Sunday, August 07, 2005

south indian answer in delhi

Nandini, in Saket opposite the mall coming up on Press Enclave Road, has staked its claim to be the best South Indian restaurant in Delhi. It offers the usual thali and tiffin combo, but what sets it apart from the crowd is that the restaurant also offers a half-dozen or so special Southie curries. We tried two okra-based curries, one in tomato, the other in curd, as well as an eggplant and tomato curry. All three were amazing. The appams--unusual for Delhi's Southie joints--were another boon. Apart from Andhra Bhavan, this place gets my vote for Delhi's go-to South Indian restaurant. (Forget Sagar's unfermented dosas, people!)


shyam said...

Tried Govardhan at Adhchini?

Jason Overdorf said...

Will have to try Govardhan... And here's an new note on Nandini: the thali is none too exciting and the dosas, it seems, have the raw taste common to Delhi's South Indian joints, which can't seem to remember to let the batter ferment before cooking it.

shyam said...

Govardhan is a bit pricey, prolly 2-3% marked up on Nandini, if I remember the menu from there correctly.

But the stuff is really good, especially the chutney, which is where most joints cut costs.

Parking is a nightmare though.

Anonymous said...

Do they provide Andhra Thali at Nandini(Saket) like Nadini Palace of Bangalore or it's the usual South Indian Thali served at most of the South Inidian Restaurants in NCR?? Is there any restaurant in Noida (if you know) that serves Andhra Food??


Jason Overdorf said...

I wasn't too impressed with Nandini's thali, which was more or less the same as Sagar's. As the original post mentioned, it was the veg. dishes that were good, as they offered more variety than most other places. I don't know anything about Noida, as it's off my beaten path. But if you want good Andhra thalis my suggestion is Andhra Bhavan at Man Singh Rd. and Ashoka Rd. near India Gate. They have an all you can eat thali for lunch and dinner, as well as a breakfast tiffin early in the a.m. We go there almost every week!