Wednesday, October 19, 2005

comments and spog

Special thanks to jabberwock for informing me that one can avoid spog by enabling "word verification" in the comment settings. (Bloggers take note). Let's see if that does the trick.

On another note, we're considering opening up this space to additional contributors, since we don't seem to have the time and inclination to post regularly. Anyone interested in becoming a member -- all the fun of your own blog without the hassle of posting every day -- comment on this post and include your email address.


Winterborne said...

if it's about delhi, then why not?
Although I am not sure if I qualify, since I am a big fan of reruns of Indian (any?) cricket. We have had too few moments to cheer!
'vrdhananjay' [at] 'yahoo' [dot] 'com'

Winterborne said...

Oh, since I see journos on the team... I am the autocratic editor-in-chief of an unoffical online magazine in a college of uninterested engineers.