Friday, November 25, 2005

study shows indians have sex

Yes, it's true. Indians have sex. They're very good at it, apparently. Either that, or they keep trying. Hence the billion people. Why, then, all the fuss? I thought America was the most prudish of nations, but Indians seem to have it even worse. Or at least it seems so, given this whole Khushboo controversy.

Witness this brilliant remark from India's health minister in the Indian Express. ‘‘We have to remember that we are Indians and we have still not reached a point where we are comfortable discussing sex openly. It is not that we Indians don’t have sex. It’s just that we don’t talk about it. Even in America, nobody propagates sex for teenagers.''

Maybe "nobody" is an exaggeration, but I'll give the minister his due. He has a point. The problem is that Khushboo never said sixteen-year-olds should be jumping in the sack (though I think that's marriageable age in some states, and darn late for marriage in some remote areas) only that she doesn't think there's anything wrong with premarital sex.

So what's the big deal about sex before marriage between two consenting adults? For one, it gives women too much power. Yep. That's right. Once a woman has a little experience, she knows what she's missing. (Live in fear, bedroom weaklings). I'm a guy and all, and probably don't really get it, but I thought that the reason there was such a fuss when the pill was invented was that it gave women control over their sex lives, and thus freeing from the compulsion to get married. (Right along with abortion rights).

Do you think anybody would have made a stink if, say, Narain Karthikeyan had come out in support of premarital sex--as he came out in support of Khushboo after the fact? He's Tamil, too, but he's a dude, so it would have been OK, I bet.


Anonymous said...

He's probably be to fast anyway!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a "videsi" who has lived in India off and on for 10 years, I can say this is the number one issue of why I always have second thoughts about returning there, even though generally speaking I love the place. It just amazes me that males of all ages in the state of UP as well as in the capital of Delhi behave so incredibly PSYCHOTIC in regards to women. And that goes for married men too. My conclusion is that even being married, they are still sexually repressed and frustrated. One time I was in a restaurant in Basant Kunj and a man whipped out and twirled around his lingam at me as he was leaving! Another time a kid who looked no older than 14 did the same in another public space - that while I was on a pilgramge in a "holy city". What kind of perverse pleasure does anyone get out of that? Do they actually think I'm going to come running after them with my phone number or something? I feel sorry for the women who will end up married to such types. The funny thing is, if a woman ever does take them up on an offer I bet 2 lakh ruppees they wouldn't know what to do with her! A population of 1 billion does not betray good love-making skills. It simply betrays a lack of using contraceptives. The monkeys, hogs and dogs in the streets of UP are also having lots of babies - do you think they are Kama Sutra experts?