Tuesday, January 17, 2006

delhi v. bombay

The age old question hit me while we were visiting Bombay for the holidays and attending friends’ wedding receptions, and I had to come down on the side of Bombay, betraying my adopted home. Maybe it’s because I always stay in Colaba, where you can walk on the pavement and nobody blinks an eye at a foreign face, or maybe it’s that the waiters don’t sahib me. But I love the dirty old place.

So here’s the question. How much will it cost us to chuck it and convert to mumbaibelly? Can one get a 2 bedroom apartment in Andheri or something for Rs. 15,000 or so? And will it be two closets connected by an Indian-style loo, or a real flat?

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shyam said...

That is the problem with Bombay innit? It has to be either Bandra or Colaba and as far as I know 15K won't get you anything in either place.