Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a perfect match

With all the really-on-again, not-really-on-again surrounding the Ash-Abishek "link up" (see, I DO read Stardust), I never got the chance to think about the implications of the marriage between India's most beautiful woman and most eligible film-family bachelor. Now that I have, I'll concede they're the perfect couple. Here's why:

(1) Ash is a career-killer for boyfriends who hooks up with rising stars and derails them, while Abishek has a track record for failing stupendously while he's hooked up and then suddenly taking off when his loser-dom is confirmed by being dumped. I predict this go-around Ash's career tanks (if the family lets her continue to work outside the home) and Abhi's hits the even-faster track.

(2) Both are supercool when they are acting, but almost unbearable to listen to when they are being themselves. This means MAJOR groan-moments on Simi Garewal are coming soon. Yes! (And I DO know all the words to the "Speak, so I can see your soul" theme song).

(3) Govinda never officially hooked up with Rani, so the spot for unbelievably media dream couple was open (though G-R would have been MUCH more fun than A-A).

(4) Abhishek is a brilliant dresser who makes the most out of mediocre looks, while Ash is a knockout who manages to look terrible whenever she chooses her own clothes.

(5) The Bachchans are tight with Subrato Roy AND Amar Singh, while the Rais are just plain old folks who receive anonymous packages in the mail with twenty thousand dollars inside. There has to be a connection.


root said...

Nice post.

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amazing archie said...

well analysed i must say. I m sure the whole of india (actually d ones how do not have anything better to do) will await with nail biting anticipation, regarding the post marriage developments and Ms. Rai's journey into the Big B family. Mrs.'Aishwarya Bachhan' will create enough gossip even after marriage.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Well done...

Anonymous said...

If Ash 'stays at home' after marriage, something for the greater good will come out of this after all!

But, you are right,we will have to watch a couple of really horrendous Simi Gs. They may actually be quite entertaining in their own ways, come to think of it!