Thursday, February 22, 2007

will the patriot missile come to india?

Back in the day -- circa 1991 -- poverty compelled me to drink the so-called "king of beers" out of the economy-priced 40-ounce bottle. Red, white and blue, shaped like a keg with a cone on top, you can guess the nickname it acquired in the midst of Desert Storm. Yep. "The Patriot Missile."

Now I read that Anheiser Busch is opening up a JV brewery in Hyderabad, I can't help but wonder if their marketing geniuses (they must be smart to sell such terrible watery beer in such massive volumes) will scorn the metric system (American-style) and bring the Patriot Missile to India. Even without a front stoop to sit on and a brown paper bag to obscure the bottle, I might have to crack open a few, for old times sake.

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