Tuesday, June 26, 2007

leaving seventymm

A few months back we were really excited about seventymm, one of India's several Netflix copycats. Then we tried it out. Over about six months, they've sent us the wrong movie twice, only one of two vcds twice, and once an unwatchable "bonus disk" instead of the actual film. Each time, customer service has been less than helpful--endless forwarding of requests and assurances that we'll be "compensated" for the mistake, and still no sign of any compensation.

To be honest, I'm not the one who gets on the phone with them and goes insane, and I could probably even tolerate getting the wrong movie (or half a movie, or no movie) once in awhile. My gripe is that the movies suck--at least the English ones. Apart from the obvious (Hitchcock, everything involving Michael Caine, etc) it's a selection along the lines of the "classics" they show on AMC / TNT / TMC in the USA. Over and over.

Worse still, I seem to have an uncanny knack for picking out bad films from the 1981 and before period, sometimes for a laugh, admittedly, and those are the ones that wind up getting delivered to the house even though they are numbers 53 and 45 in my "queue." (Is this an Indian queue? It operates back to front?).

Guys. Enough. I want my money back.


Anang said...

What happened to Palika Bazaar?

Jason Overdorf said...

Palika Bazaar still delivers the goods figuratively but not literally. And I try never to leave the house.

Anonymous said...

I was enamoured by the tall claims made by Seventymm and subscribed to the service in Mumbai for 1 month. For the time I used the service, none of the movies that were on top of my movie queue were ever sent to me. For the next month, they harassed me with innumerable calls for the 200 bucks renewal fees but sent nobody to collect it! And now when I want to discontinue my subscription, I've made calls, sent an email but there is no response from them on the refund amount of 1000 bucks!!! Their customer services execs are useless and inefficient! Did u manage to get a refund?