Monday, March 08, 2010

will lashkar target water next?

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the Pakistani leader India believes still heads the banned Lashkar-e-Taiba, launched a movement to protest the way India uses water from the Indus river system, according to Pakistan's News International newspaper.

Looks like the long-forecasted water wars may come sooner than we feared.

As I wrote last summer, There are many reasons for the Kashmir conflict. But perhaps the most important of them is water. When the British drew the borders partitioning India and Pakistan, their cartographers failed to consider the run of the rivers that would feed the two countries. Kashmir's accession to India granted New Delhi control over the headwaters of the Indus — the lifeline of civilization in what is now Pakistan since 2600 B.C. And although a treaty for sharing the water was worked out in 1960, its foundation has begun to crack under the pressure of the two countries' rapidly growing populations and the specter of climate change.

According to the latest report, the man that India hates more than anyone else in Pakistan is about to up the ante. The alleged Lashkar front, charity group Jamaatud Dawah Pakistan (JDP), has launched a movement against what he called ‘Indian designs to obstruct flow of rivers towards Pakistan,' the Pakistani paper reports.
“India is in the process of constructing several dams on Chenab, Jehlum and Indus rivers in a bid to completely stop flow of water towards Pakistan,” the News reported Hafiz Muhammad Saeed as saying.

Hundreds of JDP activists including members of Farmers Wing on Sunday held ‘Water Rally’ in provincial capital to protest against construction of dams in Indian Held Kashmir on western rivers, the paper said. Farmers from different parts of the country participated in the unique protest demonstration with hundreds of tractors in front of Punjab Assembly.

Farmers riding on tractors gathered at Nasir Bagh area by noon and then marched on The Mall towards Punjab Assembly. Participants were carrying banners and placards chanting slogans ‘Water or War’, ‘Diversion of Pakistani Rivers-Indian Water Bomb’, ‘Water Flows or Blood’, ‘Liberate Kashmir to Secure Water’, ‘No Peace if Indian Water Aggression Continues’.

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