Friday, March 10, 2006

dull dystopia

Dystopia can be so boring.

This weekend, intrigued by the pre-release hype for the movie version of V for Vendetta, I got ahold of the comic book series. My expectations were high, I suppose. But after the first volume, I have to say I'm not impressed, and I can't imagine why anyone would choose this particular series to make into a movie. Alan Moore's Watchmen was much, much better.

What's wrong with it? Nothing really. It just seems so tired. The whole dystopia England thing might as well have been written by a drugged up adolescent with an anachronistic love for Pink Floyd. England is the only country left after some intercontinental ballistic missile farce, all the world's arts and culture has been suppressed, the people of color and the homosexuals have been put into concentration camps and exterminated and the people in charge bear a distinct resemblance to a retread version of Orwell's 1984.... (You can just hear the lines "put 'em up against the wall" ringing). Throw in a dash of Batman (this time the Joker is the star), a little bit of Brazil, and mix well.



Jabberwock said...

I saw Watchmen at Bahrisons last week! Didn't pick it up because I've resolved not to buy any books for the next three months. But do you have any idea if From Hell is available in Delhi?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you... after reading 1984 I find that most books that have the dystopia theme are pretty similar to 1984. Including Brave New World and to a certain extent the Anthem. They are all intriguing but besides those three I find little originality in newer books