Saturday, August 05, 2006

lady in the water

Just when you thought "The Village" was the dumbest script ever, good ol' Night comes out and tops it. Yes, kids, "The Lady in the Water" is the dumbest movie in history. Moreover, it is pretentious at the same time. I was so stunned that I stayed for the whole thing. And I kept thinking, "Night broke up with Disney for this! For this!" The only good thing about it was the unintentional comedy of Night's role as the unrecognized genius who's writing a political treatise called "The Cookbook." Clearly, this is how he envisions himself after nobody recognized the brilliance of "The Village." It almost makes me want to watch the (unintentionally) hilarious beginning of "Lady" again, to see the little stick figures of "man" and the water creatures and hear the inane story of how "man" has always fought wars.

No, I said "almost." I said "almost." Stop! No, please, stoooopppppppp!


shyam said...

And to think he spent what 70 million on that crap? On what he spent it on, we will never know. Wait, maybe it was the stick figure jig at the start. I bet it must have used up the power of a 10000 strong render farm. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

well personaly i think lady in the water puts out a great message to people. this movie wasnt meant for retarted people like you! the message is people need to see life for what it really is and that all humans dont deserve to be saved! there you retarded fool!