Wednesday, July 23, 2008

us to give pakistan f-16s to fight terror

The NYT reports that the US is slated to shift $230 million intended for anti-terrorism aid to supply Pakistan with F-16 fighters instead. Pakistan has rarely (if ever) used this type of fighter as air support for anti-terrorism operations, though the F-16 is an important part of its deterrent force in its ongoing conflict with India.

Obviously, this is a dumb idea. Sell Pakistan jets if you want, as long as you make the same offer to India. But don't give them away. Especially when the so-called anti-terrorism efforts are limited to platitudes and expressions of helplessness.

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Anonymous said...

The target is India. Not the Pakistan's very own Taliban. Don't forget, India’s $10 billion deal to buy fighter jets is still pending. This will help to nudge India into Lockheed Martin's lap. They will be more than glad to supply jets capable of delivering nuclear bombs to both the rivals.