Sunday, February 05, 2006

even i was surprised...

According to the Indian Express and the Institute of Road Traffic Education’s Center for Analysis & Research in Road Safety, a stunning 110 million traffic violations occur in Delhi EVERY DAY. I know my driving has acquired some desi characteristics, maybe 1 or 2 violations a day worth, but 100 million! Another disturbing thought: Some 45% of those driving at night are under the influence.

At 110 million per day, that's about 10 violations per person and about 30 violations per vehicle every day. Now, assuming that SOME people actually follow the rules most of the time, that has to mean that there are others who are committing like a thousand infractions per day, right? What about the people who make a single trip to work and a single trip home? Does that mean over their five kilometer commute they're running five red lights, making five illegal u-turns and going the wrong way down five one way streets?

If this is true, why don't I see more pile-ups?

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