Friday, February 10, 2006

al rancho

This isn't the first time I've lamented the absence of good Mexican food in Delhi (outside of Chez Overdorf, that is). Why can't anybody make salsa? Salsa is a simple matter. All the ingredients are available and cheap. OK, I'll give you guacamole--nobody wants to pay for avocados so they put in mayonaise or some rubbish--but salsa! No more marinara sauce! No more catsup!

This week I decided to give the (relatively) new Mexican joint in Defence Colony a try, mostly because I like to say the name. Al Rancho. Go ahead, try it. Al Rancho. Al Rancho. Al Rancho.

The good news? The quesadillas aren't too bad, even though you have to have to order them as though the word rhymes with sasparilla to get served. Even the salsa is a cut above the cooked catsup variety available elsewhere in town. I'm even willing to give the place another shot and try a couple other menu items.

The real reason, though, is that I want to call up friends and tell them to meet me at "Al Rancho."


Wunderkind said...

hi,just chanced upon your blog today.liked what i read.will be back...

Anonymous said...

hey, i like your blog - where r u from, Jason? and why have you guys stopped posting after Feb 10??