Tuesday, March 07, 2006

pakistan is nucular, too!

I remember a buddy of mine returned from Pakistan with a t-shirt that read, "Pakistan is NUCLEAR!" Good stuff.

On to my point: Why is it that nobody in the press will ever admit that every country, especially those who imagine their interests may one day conflict with those of the US or another major power, wants to get nuclear weapons? Of course every country wants nuclear weapons. That's the only way anybody will listen to you. Do you think the US would have invaded Iraq instead of Pakistan if Iraq had nuclear weapons and Pakistan did not? I'm guessing the route would have started from Kabul and worked its way to Islamabad, a hellova lot more convenient than running two camps, one in South Asia and another in the Middle East.

That's why I think that Bush's policy on India's nuclear program is an intelligent, englightened, and realistic one. Yes, India's weapons may proliferate--they seemed to do a pretty good job of that without any help from America. But denying reality wasn't going to change anything. And by putting real effort behind his words about India's and America's common aims and values, Bush has accomplished much more towards ensuring that those bombs never go off--not to mention showing the rest of the world that America just *might* be a country that will listen to you if you don't have a thermonuclear device pointed in its direction.

Now let's see what happens with Iran.


Anonymous said...

I don't wear that shirt as often as I should, but in my defense, it is cold outside.

You make a good point overall. I don't understand why Islam's fundamentalist "schools" only teach the children Koran--a little physics goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

i totally subscribe to ur views.
infact eventually all the countries have to go nuclear. they won't be left with any options.