Monday, August 14, 2006

everybody's doing it

Another drunk woman decided to visit the prime minister's residence last night, this time to complain about the recent long power cuts to hit Delhi. Once again, however, the pesky security personnel managed to stop her before she was even able to say Hi, as last months gatecrashers from Jaipur apparently wanted to do.

To me, this is just one more testament to the poor quality of Delhi's nightlife. Goes to show also that Manmohan is too damn nice. You don't see anybody showing up on Sonia or Lalu's doorstep, though those visits seem more glamorous and amusing, respectively. Manmohan gets no respect.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ...giggle treatment ...

Anonymous said...

He's such an f*ing puppet. Maybe if he stood up and showed he had a spine the voters would show him some respect.

The poor man -- he saved India and now he's reduced to a yes-man for the family-run fiefdom!