Saturday, July 16, 2005

developments re my obsessions

Regular readers will have some idea of my obsessions... Well, some interesting developments this week. First and foremost, young Jermain Taylor edged out longtime middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins (40 years old, ex-convict and the most quotable athlete around) in what promises to be an entertaining bout. Bigger development: I discovered BitTorrent, a scheme like Napster that allows one to download audio and video files. Once I get a package with unlimited downloads, this thing is going to revolutionize my life.

Haven't written much about my geeky scifi, comic books, fantasy obsessions. But here's two discoveries (OK, you all may know about this already). (1) You can get some pretty good graphic novels in India, including Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and Frank Miller's Sin City series, especially if you ask Sanjay at Bhari Sons to find them and stock them for you. (2) An interesting remake of 1970s cult hit Battlestar Galactica has been running for the better part of a year on the Scifi Channel in the US--a sometime programming feeder for AXN and even (gulp) Hallmark. All fellow Scifi freaks, read this week's New York Times Magazine article about the creation of the show, which some have called the best original series made by the channel (meaning it outstrips Dune and Farscape, successes at either end of the serious-camp continuum). Then, begin your letter campaign to AXN. Or just download Bittorrent and do a web search. You can find almost anything you want--US TV shows, cable or broadcast, current and old movies, anime, what have you--via this aggregator of BT links.

Of course, all that said, I would neither illegally download copyrighted material myself, nor advise anyone else to do so.


Anonymous said...

Desperately want to read Sandman. Where exactly is Bhari Sons? I am kinda new to Delhi!


Jason Overdorf said...

Sorry, Bhari Sons is in Khan Market on the front side, next to Dayal Opticals.