Sunday, July 31, 2005

jim jarmusch is back

Known for her incredible, tell-all profiles--this woman can get anybody to say anything--Lynn Hirschberg turns her hand to director Jim Jarmusch in this week's NYT Magazine. The maker of gems including Mystery Train and Down by Law is getting ready for the release of what Hirschberg bills as his most commercial film to date, a movie with a clear emotional trajectory that stars mainstream-turned-indie star Bill Murray. The winner of the grand prize (second place after the golden palm) at Cannes, "Broken Flowers" sounds like a flick that's worth watching. And Hirschberg's profile delivers the goods--even though she doesn't catch Jarmusch in any of her trademark revealing/self-humiliating moments. Bill Murray wins for best line: "Unlike Jim, I always prefer that people actually see the movie."


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