Tuesday, July 12, 2005

test of party smart deemed inconclusive

July 10--DELHI--A test of an herbal supplement that promises to prevent hangovers was deemed inconclusive this week, as independent observers ruled that it could not be determined for certain whether or not the supplement, PartySmart, saved the test subjects from hangovers.

"They didn't get hangovers, but these characters are such infamous lushes, it very well could have been their high tolerance to alcohol that saved them," said Dr. Rajinder K. Mishra, one of the medical personnel who supervised the test.

Another concern was the well-known placebo effect. The study included a control group of drinkers who did not take PartySmart, as well as a "blind" group who received pills filled with chalk, soap and other innocuous but unpleasant tasting substances. Some members of each group reported hangover-like symptoms, but when asked whether the hangover was "not as bad as usual," "worse than usual" or "I feel like someone is stabbing me in the temples with icepicks frozen to absolute zero (Kelvin)," several respondents were not able to answer coherently. Many responspents ticked the blank marked "other" and failed to elaborate.

Subsequent interviews determined that many of those who marked "other" did not ingest the pills as instructed. "Those capsules freaked me out," a typical respondent said. "They look like horse tranquilizers."

"I am a sick man, I am an angry man, I am an unattractive man," said another. "I think there is something wrong with my liver."

Further tests are scheduled for Friday, July 15.

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Anonymous said...

Have been looking for said product, but haven't found it in my neck of the woods! That's how ineffective the damn company and its product is!